About Us

People LOVE kombucha. There is a mystery and magic to it. It makes you feel good on the inside, but does so much more than that. Drinking kombucha brings the ancient into the present day, and creates connection between body and spirit.

So when we saw our friends spending all their dough on this thing called kombucha, we knew it was worth the investment. In 2009, we started brewing kombucha for local Portland cafes. It didn’t take long for us to realize the simplicity of making kombucha at home, and that we could help others realize the same. Oregon Kombucha is the original starter-kit company — now, with 6 distinct and delicious starter kits, we are the only company producing live kombucha cultures for a national market.

Oregon Kombucha operates with a DIY and sustainability ethos. We source organic teas, grow and ferment heirloom SCOBY in our dedicated facility in NE Portland, and package everything by hand. With care your SCOBY can live forever, producing many magical gallons of kombucha to satisfy your gut and your soul for years to come. We want you to enjoy what you make, and save some money while you’re at it (all those bottles of store-bought kombucha add up fast!).

And since Oregon Kombucha is built on just the two of us, we want you to join our family. We make one-on-one friendships with each of our customers and promise to work with you every step of the way to get the most out of your kombucha. Get to know us below!

Meet Summer: (pictured below) Summer studied community health, so quite naturally loves community and pursues health both in and outside the company. Before launching Oregon Kombucha, she ran Whiffies (the hub of the PDX food cart pie community) with her brother. She likes to spend exactly 10 minutes at the beach and not a minute more, reads novels to meet new people, and will gladly accept any tips on keeping her house plants alive.

Meet Connery: (pictured above) Connery arrived in PDX by way of Chicago and Italy. While he’s spent the last two glorious years with Oregon Kombucha, he’s spent over 15 years working in theater production. When he’s not hanging with the SCOBY or slaving away all night long writing and directing plays, he enjoys taking Vivienne to the rock gym and wishes he could snowboard every single week of his life.

Meet Vivienne: (pictured below) Our newest addition and intern-for-life, Vivienne is a Kombucha Maven in the making and future owner of the company.

Meet Moira: (pictured above) Moira is our company mascot and has been with us since the beginning. She’s grumpy AF, loves sweaters, and hates getting her feet wet. In short, Moira is all of us.

Meet our MVP: We wouldn’t be where we are today without the help of our heirloom SCOBY. Look at this 50lb beaut.