• Golden-colored jun starter liquid and SCOBY in sealed bag with colorful label on a bamboo cutting board.
  • Live Jun Culture - Starter Tea and SCOBY

Live Jun Culture - Starter Tea and SCOBY



Jun is a specialized kombucha culture brewed with raw honey and green tea instead of sugar and black tea typically used for kombucha. We love the lighter, brighter, slightly dry flavor of jun and its beautiful golden color.  We think you'll love it too!   

This is our heirloom live Jun SCOBY and extra-strong starter jun liquid only. You will need to supply your own favorite honey (this is something to experiment with if you like honey!) and enough tea for one gallon.  

Our Jun SCOBY comes with detailed instructions to get you fermenting successfully -- It is much easier than you think! This is enough starter culture to make 1 gallon of jun, but, with care, your Jun SCOBY can be reused to re-culture jun any number of times.
Like all of our SCOBYs, teas and kits, our heirloom Jun SCOBYs are packaged by hand in our dedicated facility in the heart of the Pacific Northwest!