The typical American family throws away almost 500 lbs of glass every year. The easiest way to reduce the amount of glass being consumed is to not BUY PRODUCTS PACKAGED IN GLASS. Don’t put them into your shopping cart, don’t bring them home. Save the Earth- today and everyday!


What can we do instead?!

*Buy beer in growlers from the brew pub, grocery store or even your corner store.

*Make your own salsa, pickles, and jam

*Reuse glass jars that come home filled with other goodies

*Carefully recycle wine bottles (Make sure they don’t break!)

*Craft kombucha at home


Things to keep in mind when recycling glass. It does get cleaned, but if food comes off on other recyclables, or if broken glass gets in, the whole load goes to the landfill. Don’t ever try and recycle broken glass!


Small things we can do each day add up. One thing at a time, leads to big changes for our planet.

Some food for thought, comment below, if you feel like it!