Fact! Your choice of tea to begin with is the basis for how delightful your kombucha turns out. Prefer it crystal clear and crisp tasting? Start with a beautiful- almost clear- green tea.

Buying tea in bulk is a great idea for kombucha makers, especially if you drink a lot! You can get it at the coop, the natural grocer, or even online these days. You need just about one ounce to brew a gallon of tea. In bulk, you have the option of buying just one batch worth, or get wild and buy a series of varieties! (Make sure to make a note of the steeping directions when you buy.)

Here is one suggestion, Black Tea, Orange Peel, and Rose Petals, available from ChariTeas  Can you imagine the kombucha made using this blend?


  • One ounce loose tea, give or take, makes one gallon
  • Use a basket, fabric bag, or metal steeper to steep (Or buy hot iron sealed paper teabags from Oregon Kombucha)
  • Follow steeping directions specific to the leaves
  • Enjoy your kickass kombucha!